LGO is a cryptocurrency liquidity platform for institutions. During my time there I worked within the brand guidelines of our clients, most of whom were emerging, international tech startups in the blockchain industry. I created graphics for social media campaigns, blog posts and websites as well as designed whitepapers and one-pagers that explained and promoted the clients' ICOs. I worked alongside copywriters and regional ambassadors to ensure these graphics were clear and effective for the intended audience.

Collage of graphics I created for LGO's clients.

Collage of social media and blog post graphics.

A collage of the various social media and blog post graphics I designed for LGO's clients. These were especially useful in promoting each startup's ICO by conveying a sense of consistency and reliability.

NYU Steinhardt Teach Camp marketing email.

Social media illustration (left) and header illustration (right) for Varanida.

Two of the illustrations I created for Varanida, a decentralized advertising network that caters to an ecosystem of internet users, publishers and advertisers.